Vegetable Gardens and Vegetable Farms

Give your vegetable garden the power of IRON EARTH™ and produce some of the healhiest plants and most nutriotious produce around. Besides great plants and colorful vegetables, you will be most amazed with the flavor of your vegetables. Your vegetables will be talked about by family and friends.

Flower Pots, Flower Beds and Botanical GardensMake your neighbors envious of your flowers, indoor and outside. By giving your flowers IRON EARTH™, you will quickly notice positive effects to your flower garden and potter plants. Most noticeable is the color!

Fruit Trees and Fruit Farms

By giving your plants and trees IRON EARTH™, your berries and fruits will not only grow better, but taste better too. The fruit trees and plants will complete a better growth cycle with IRON EARTH™ and make challenging climates and conditions easier to produce your tasty fruits.



If your’re looking for an edge in producing a flavorful grape, you need to add IRON EARTH™. As a grape grower, you know – its what goes into the soil that makes a world of difference! You can start with IRON EARTH™ by testing a grape field or even a few rows of your grapes. Once IRON EARTH™ reaches the roots of your trees, you will witness incredible, positive changes getting you to that award-winning label!

Lawns and Golf Courses

More and more golf course are learning the benefits of IRON EARTH™. Today there are golf courses all over North America that understand the benefits of adding IRON EARTH™ to their green grass, flower beds and landscapes. You too can add to your front lawn or backyard grass. When adding IRON EARTH™ to the grass, it helps your grass grown stronger thicker roots pushing weeds and pests away.


Trees will benefit from IRON EARTH™ as do plants. The best results is when you can get IRON EARTH™ to the soil and to the roots of the trees. Applying IRON EARTH™ at seeding, and adding once (in Spring)or twice per year (at Autumn) helps ensure the soil is rich in IRON EARTH™ minerals.

Grassland, Pastures and Livestock

Iron Earth can help Organic farmers reach “Organic status” by adding and using Iron Earth instead of chemical based fertilizers.


General Application: The goal is to improve the soil at the location of the plant’s root system. Add IRON EARTH™ as follows to your indoor & outdoor plants:

A) Seeding
Lightly broadcast IRON EARTH™ into the seed rows.

B) Potted Plants & Flowers
Add to the soil as follows:
For a small plant (i.e. Herb): Add 1 Scoop*
For a medium plant (i.e.Tomato): Add 2 Scoops*
For a large plant (i.e. Shrub): Add 3 Scoops*

C) Transplanting from Pot to Garden
Add to the transplant hole as follows:
For a small plant (i.e. Herb): Add 1 Scoop*
For a medium plant (i.e.Tomato): Add 2 Scoops*
For a large plant (i.e. Shrub): Add 3 Scoops*

D) Water Application
This method is recommended once a month. The water will help break down IRON EARTH™, and carry nutrients to the roots. Use an empty container such as a milk jug, water bottle, or watering jug.
Add 2 Scoops* of IRON EARTH™ per 1 Litre of water.
Do not use soft water (from a water softener).
Shake well before applying. Please note that not all of the IRON EARTH™ will dissolve.

*1 scoop = 2 tablespoons
There is a 1 oz. scoop inside each 4 Lb. bag of IRON EARTH™

Some people believe composting will result in healthy nutritious vegetables and produce, but it does not. Composting results in a soil material that is moist and soft and will grow plants and vegetables, but it does not provide complete nutrients and essential minerals that equate to a healthier garden.